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Agents failing to start monitoring set

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Everytime I make a change to some of my monitoring sets, I get several agents that send out alerts:

XXXXXX.root.myOrg failed executing agent procedure "MONSET$125998123023779$78082920" on 2010-08-27 10:34:26Z Script Summary: Failed THEN in step 9 Check the machine's Agent Procedure log for additional details.


The procedure log shows:

FAILED in processing THEN step 9, Execute DOS Command, with error Command Message Timed Out, "%windir%\system32\logman.exe" start KCTR$1121


This is on a Windows 7 machine, but I've had it pop up on a few Windows XP boxes also. Any ideas? Nothing to be concerned about?



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  • I see this happen as well.  It appears to happen when I need to update a monitor set applied to many machines.  I have also seen it happen with custom scripts which run something as simple as a restart command, timing out on one simple DOS command, which seems odd.

    I found nothing in the Portal knowledge base