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"Edit SNMP List" not working - No devices appearing after Lan Watch

  • Hello,

    By clicking on the button "Edit SNMP List" in the modul "Monitor - Assign SNMP" all our Admins get the following error:

    Furthermore their are no agents appearing in the SNMP List after performing a Lan Watch by Network.
    Both errors are commited from the support. Patches will be released.

    My Question is: Is anybody else experiencing those problems? I have never read about this bugs in the community. Therefore I am a little bit suprised. We are actually not able to administer our SNMP Monitoring

  • Hi Thomas,

    Thank you for your patience. As a quick follow-up, the issue with editing SNMP list was resolved in R8. Once you finish your upgrade to the new version, you should be able to configure SNMP settings normally.

    Regards - Rajib