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Excluding USB drives from logicaldisk space monitoring sets

  • I would like to implement tiered disk space monitoring preventative, low, and critically low disk space monitoring for 130 servers that I monitor. I would like to accomplish this by using logicaldisk space monitoring sets applied by policy. The only issue I run into is excluding USB drives as I want to avoid unnecessary alarms and notifications. Does anyone know a way I can accomplish this without manually setting monitoring sets or exclusions.

  • There is no easy way that I can think of and I opted for something that saved me loads of time in the long run as it not only allowed me to filter out USB drives but it also allowed me to classify the logical disks by total disk space. Using view filters and Policies I'm now able to auto assign the correct disk monitoring and also exclude any drive from being monitored.

    Not sure if you are using the Core Monitoring or the new KNM with K7 but if you are using the core monitoring module here is an existing post from last year that might help you;


    In short what you have to keep in mind is that not all USB drives are marked as removable and the only way to find them all is to look at what interface type they use.

  • Unfortunately if it is not a thumbdrive, even using WMI will not work because USB Drives will show up as a DriveType = 3 which is the same for regular hard drives.  Thumdrives show up as DriveType = 2.  

    It is a manual process, but what you can do is create a text file locally on the server with a listing of drives you want excluded.  Example:  X:, Y:  Then on the Low Disk alert, have it run Script that checks if file is there, gets the variable out of the text file, and checkVar if it contains #dl#  <-- The variable for the alerting drive letter.  Then from there, you can do nothing if it is present(I would Write a procedure log entry), Else do your normal operation: email, procedure, etc...  

  • That is why I said to look at the drive interface type too have a look at this (see link below);


    The Vbscript in that link enumerates the interface type IDE, SCSI, USB etc...