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SNMP, Collection Intervall

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Hello Kaseya-SNMP-Experts!

Just created a SNMP-Monitor Set for HWg-STE (great sensor hardware for monitoring server room temperature). Collecting of data works, but where can i set the intervall the kagent collects the data?


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    ... one day after ...



    ...that is really frustrating ... how can i define the collection intervall?

  • I have not found a decent way to get the collection interval to be nice or even where to change it. If I present a report of this information to a client, they would ask me, "Why are there gaps in this information? Are my things broken?" It can be difficult, I feel your pain.

  • Hello Matt.

    Have you any workaround for your own kaseya-environment?

  • I have not had the time to look more deeply into this. If I come across a solution I will let you know.

  • It's terrible ....



    These gaps are not really usefull if i talk to my customers. Any other out there with a idea?

  • Maybe KNM has better SNMP functionality?  I have started looking at PRTG and it seems like a much more robust monitoring solution with respect to SNMP.

  • Hello SSugar.

    You're right. PRTG i've used years ago. But i must have connection to my customers over vpn and i have not any automation solution. The goal of monitoring here with Kaseya (SNMP!) is to use agent procedures after critical values reached.

    For these example if the temperature reaches 32° i've to shutdown the servers to prevent damage and inform bevor any logged on users... shutdown all clients and and and ... AUTOMATION!

    KNM isn't an option because Monitoring SNMP is a "core feature" and for KNM I've to pay extra money ... :-(

  • Hey Kai,

    Agreed.  PRTG does not have automation features in its core product, but it has an API that can be creatively used to trigger scripts or whatever else you want.

    And I also agree that monitoring SNMP should be a core feature that Kaseya starts paying attention to.  Unfortunately, IMHO Kaseya does not spend much time on its core product anymore in favour of trying to create tonnes of modules to up-sell their customers.  Since I started working with SNMP in Kaseya 3 years ago, there have been very few improvements, and it has always felt like a tacked on feature to me so they can boast SNMP support.