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EventID and Performance monitor database location

  • Hi Guys / gals, 

    Does anyone know the location of the table that might hold all the EventID's and Performance monitoring infromation? 

    this screenshot below shows the infromation i am after

    I want this to create a "bible" (if you will) of all the eventID's that we monitor, if i can query the database, i can quickly produce a document that serves as a great checklist for acknowledging or dismissing alerts.

    I'd love this to be a community project if anyone is interested? I was thinking of creating the document, similar to what www.eventid.net does, and as we go - people can write foot notes to whether they think an alert / event log is valid. 

    For me it starts with finding the database table that stores this data

    Any ideas?

  • Hi Mark

    The table you are looking for is eventSetDef.

    Although I do think your idea is good I'm not sure how well it would work.  We have 4 different Kaseya servers and up until a couple of years back these were looked after by different admins.  One of our biggest problems was differing opinions on what should be added to that list and this caused much discussion.

    That said I do think that a list of events that you *really* want to be alerted about would be a great idea.