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Excluding service from monitor set

  • Hi,

    We are currently working with Policy management to distribute our policies.

    We now have a monitor set, which is checking some basic Windows services, which is applied to all our agents. 

    My question is now, if there is a particular server on which we want to exclude one particalur service to check (for whatever reason). I would still like to apply the standard monitor set on all the agents, but is there a way to exclude one service of a monitor set?

    Kind regards

    Thijs Deschepper

  • Thijs,

    yes, under "Monitor > Assign Monitoring" you'll see a pencil on what looks like an excel sheet. Click on that and you'll be able to make a "(IND)" copy of the monitor set for that server only, it will not affect the other PC's with the monitor set, nor will that show in your list of monitor sets. It's a "one-off" solution for Monitor-sets.

    Hope this helps

  • Keep in mind that if you use the IND option for any agents, if you make changes to the original monitoring set it was created from, those changes will not get pushed to any that are now IND. For a monitoring set that's monitoring *All service by default that might not be a big deal, but if you have one monitoring a bunch of performance counters, it could be an issue in the future if you want to make global changes.