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Has anyone been able to create a log parser for trend 7? I have one for the old 6.x versions but in 7 they moved all the log files to a different area and change their format. :(

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  • interested in this as well.

  • ok, I think i have it, but I don't known how to get the log parser in Kaseya to realize that it's a file not a folder, the path to the log file is 'C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\UniClient\UiFrmwrk\FcWofieLogViewer_GET_LOGS'


    the file is a flat file, no extension. But when running the test parser provided by Kaseya I get success with the following settings


    but when I run it through Kaseya it fails b/c of the filename is missing an extension, I think it thinks it's a folder. :(  any ideas?

  • This is either from the fact that the log file has not extension or that it's formatted in utf-8 which is un-supported by Kaseya

  • This doesn't seem to be able to be done via a log parser, I'm now looking into adding Kaseya integration via the Trend Micro (email) integration. The log parser will not work as the log file doesn't get updated until after the "LogViewer" application within the WFBS Agent console is opened. :(

    Trend 7 monitoring is going to suck!