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Monitoring Alert Delayed 10 hours

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I have a monitoring set that monitors Terminal Servcies Active Sessions, and when it reaches a certain number triggers an alert.

The problem is the generated email alert is being delayed 10 hours, every single time the alert occurs, checking the logs on the Kaseya server, it appears that Kaseya is taking 10 hours to actually create the email.

Anyone experienced something similar to this?

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  • Be sure to check your time zone entries.  I am in Brisbane, Australia and I thought the same but two times are listed in the emails - the event time (local) and the time in UTC.

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  • The Timezones are all correct and in Melb, we haven't been seeing any emails during the day though, events that are logged around 12-2(peak time for the server) aren't being sent from kaseya till the evening.

    The kaseya server, the exchange server & the agent being monitored are all in the same timezone/datacentre.

  • I would enable "Alarm" too to confirm that the issue is email related and not maybe monitoring or monitor set related. You could test it by lowering the threshold and see if you get the email notification within 5min of the Alarm. Something else to try would be to create the monitoring set from scratch and see if that makes any difference.

  • Check the Outbound email log it shows all emails sent (System > Configure > Outbound Email > Log)