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Active Admins not being released

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A bit of a strange one since moving on to K2, and only on a very small number of machines. We have two users who after logging in to a user's machine remain classed as active admins, despite not being connected to the machine for days, and in one case over a week. I have not had this happen to me personally, but it just doesnt seem right.

Has any one come across this before, and is there a remedy to release the active admins fom the affected machines?

Any ides very helpful.


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  • I've noticed this too, this started happening a couple of days (maybe a week) ago... It causes no harm but is annoying

  • Just a bit of an update on this one; it looks like the active admins were only being shown if there was an issue setting up the remote desktop connection via KLC. Possibly where were connecting in for the first time. I have found that when I had the problem with my user account I reconnected in via KLC a few days later, and I was no longer an active admin. This might have been coincidental, but it might be part of the reason why?

  • I am having this problem and cannot see a pattern to the behavior.

  • We are still seeing this issue today on 6.2, did anyone find a solution or should we just open a support ticket?

  • We experienced the same issue - and were directed (by Kaseya support) to 'Hotfix and Reapply Schema' from the start menu - or the equivalent from System -> Configure. In other words, Reload and reapply hotfixes, then reapply the schema. I don't think anything can be hurt this way, but I am not Kaseya support. I just do what they tell me :)

  • Yeah we're seeing this too - I think it's been happening for a while, but one of my consultants was asking about it today so I thought I'd see if it was just us... I guess not!  (I think, since K2, we're 6.2 and still happens)

  • This is something I see everyday.  Doesn't appear to have any ill effect or I'd log a ticket with Kaseya, it's not uncommon to see 5 or 6 entries . What annoys me more is when I look in the list of Remote Control Sessions under System > Statistics there are often sessions listed in here that I know are not active as the engineer has finished for the day.  I've also run reports directly on the database and found that there have been remote control sessions that have apparently lasted for days, something not quite right there.

  • I see the same thing in my VSA.  It has caused some confusion in the remote control section.  I haven't really seen a pattern to it.

  • I almost think it depends on the browser the admin was using. I use Chrome and they accumulate pretty much all day long. Chrome now has ActiveX plug-in, Firefox does not and I refuse to use IE!!! My coworker uses IE9 and they don't accumulate at all. I think it's browser related...but who knows.