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Restart Kaseya agent service upon failure

  • Is there a way to create an agent procedure (script) that we can run on all our systems so that if the agent fails the service will automatically restart?


    Brad Roekle
    Structured IS, Inc. 

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  • You'd use a script that runs the "SC" shell command. I have used it before to enable and disable services, but not modify their recovery properties. I think it would be pretty easy, check out this article:


    I will actually make a custom step we add to Kaseya 6.1 you can select that does this -- it'll be called Windows Service - Recovery Options, and you'll be able to set restart #1,#2 and #3 to no action or restart automatically.

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  • Should have search the Knowledge Exchange and the forums then you would have found these;




    Most of the time I have seen the Agent service fail it actually is seen as "running" in the Linux world they call it a zombie service so the y only way to trigger it is if you do it manually or by the offline state of the agent via the Kaseya server. Also this post should actually be in the Script/Agent Procedures section :)