Trying to do a patch test on a network with about 20 workstations and all the tests fail for most the computers. The ones that do fail come back with a error message of  "Patch file failed to download". When I go on the agent logs I find the following error under alarm log:

Message:  The patch file probably failed to download. Uncheck "Delete package after install" and schedule the patch again. Verify the following
1. Check that the hard disk is not full.
2. If downloading from the internet, verify the connection from this machine to is not blocked.
3. Be sure curl-nossl.exe is not prevented from executing (by a security program).

This client is using Sonicwall as their firewall hardware. I have added all the microsoft update sites and as trusted domain. I am able to manually download all the micrsoft updates. The set crediental test passes on all of the pcs.