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import list to view

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Is it at all possible to import a txt or csv list into an agent view?

I have a spreadsheet of 200 machines that I need to run procedures on.

For smaller projects, I just copy/paste the hostnames into machine filter on an agent view.

copy/pasting 200 times... there's got to be a better way.

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  • Not quite the approach you looking for ,.. but if the text file contains a list of machines in the same format they appear in Kaseya e.g. machine.group.org  then you could create a script that

    1) Writes the txt file to each machine

    2) Reads the file and uses the If File Contains step to check if the current machine i.e. #vmachine.Machine_GroupID# is included in the file content

    3) If the file does contain the current machines fullmachinename then execute what ever extra code you want

    4) If Not then just exit the script

    So you actually run this script on ALL machines .. but only those in the text file execute your specific code.