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Want to alert when a Windows 7 machine checks in for the first time...

  • We are seeing a number of agents at our client sites check back in after their agent records have be removed on the server (machines that were at one point managed, but were taken off management and now are returning). If these machines are Windows 7 computers, I want to alert/send an email to our service desk if this is a 'new' agent checking in AND the computer is running Windows 7.

    We want to catch these machines early so we can alert the client to the security issues etc.

    Can I do this? If so, how?

    Thank for any help!


  • Page,

    You can set an alert when new agent is installed.

    Go to Monitor - Agent Monitoring - Alerts and select Alert Function Agent Status.

    Then enable New agent Installed.



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  • Rob:

    Thank you for that.  I can fire off an alert on New Agent, but I am really looking for a New Agent AND Windows 7.  The issue is that we have a number of clients with old Windows 7 machines that we used to managed sitting on shelves in their storage rooms.  We have just about finished replacing or upgrade all the currently managed machines only to have two or three Windows 7 boxes show up in Kaseya when they fire up one of the older ones.

    I want an alert on new agent and Windows 7 so that I can get them on notice that that machine needs to be shutdown and removed.



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  • Have the Alert run a script .. and set the script so that

    a)  It only runs on Windows 7 machines

    b) The script itself then creates the alert /Ticket etc


  • Created a procedure to that checks the windows version in the registry using IF getRegistryValue exists, then send email. Then apply that procedure using Policy Management to the all parent machine groups.  This way anytime an agent is installed or checks in it will check for the windows version you are targeting and send an alert.  

  • Paul:

    Thanks.  That sounds perfect.  I will give it a whirl!