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installMSI Install with switches (Question/Discussion)

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Just wanted to ask the community how they are installing msi applications that require more than just the /quite or /qn /norestart switch. I have an msi that i need to install and unfortunately the installMSI command in the agent procedure does not allow additional switches. You can only set the quiet install or do not restart switches. I need to add /log and G2MINSTALLFORALLUSERS=1. When I add these to the MSI to install I get file not found errors. Ideally there should be a place to add additional command line switches, maybe that will show up in an update. Something like this.

So how do you script your agent procedure to install an MSI with additional switches?

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  • This is mixed success for us.  Many times, the translated command line just runs indefinitely, and must be manually terminated.

    Does it work with executing the command shell with c:\windows\system32\msiexec.exe /i <your installer> /qn /your options /log c:/yourlogs ?

    Make sure there are no spaces in the installer path, as they tend to wreak all the havoc in our environment.

  • I was wondering if it runs correctly with the MSI with all the switches required from the command line on the machine w/o using Kaseya? Just as a test of the MSI.

  • I don't even use the Kaseya msiInstall option; it's too inconsistent as to whether it will work or not. The only thing that works consistently for me is just doing command line msiexec.exe /i nameof.msi /additional /switches

  • The misinstall has worked well until now. The command works outside of kaseya, it's not a command format issue. It is more an issue of how kaseya builds the command to be executed. They take the path as a whole. the switches break the path to the exe.

    Eric, I will try your suggestion.

  • Generally speaking I edit the msi installs with SuperOrca for any switches other than ones like /q /log.  Switches for entries in the installer I try to do all in an updated msi.

    I've also just used the ranasShellCommand msiexex.exe /i in a couple of cases.