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Latest patch has broken Procedure Editor?

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Prior to deploying the latest patch, Microsoft Edge, was actually the best performing browser particularly for editing procedures.  It now appears that the procedure editor is completely broken when using Edge and that it's generating warnings and exceptions (related to flash plugin) on Chrome, Firefox, and the Edge Developer's Beta.

Is this unique to my system or are other's seeing similar problems with viewing & editing procedures in this build?

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  • ,  I don't use Edge, but running fine on Chrome.   We are on

  • Pedro,

    After using Chrome for VSA for a few years, I switched to Edge about 6 months ago because we found some interface issues start to crop up in Chrome.

    Anyway - I use Edge to connect to many different MSP's VSA platforms and have not seen this issue on any platrorm. Our dev is on the .20 release, as are most of our clients.