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VSA and Kaspersky

  • Has anyone noticed any issues recently with the VSA not pushing procedures at times and not pushing KAV or KAM. This is our second time in a week that everything is working fine then we go to push KAM and KAV to a machine and it does nothing. We click install then when we hit save nothing happens. The installation box doesnt even pop up inside the VSA-KAV tab.


  • - despite our issues with Kaspersky installations I can't say we've noticed that at all. Agent procedures work as they  usually do, one of the parts of Kaseya that's not exactly fresh and up-to-date, but certainly functional.

    You must have tested different browsers, different machines, maybe even different OS's? Do you have a current version of the VSA? At the moment is the last patch (we're still on Apart from having impact on Live Connect, it seems a stable version.

    The only thing that bit us in the past is performance. If you're running Kaseya on premise, you might want to take a look if there are any visible issues...