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VSA Agent - Set Credentials

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I am new to Kaseya and am trying to understand what the purpose of Set Credentials are and how essential this is.

With the Agent install package, I get that  I need to pass through admin credentials to install the client.

I read somewhere that you need the above when using Patch Management but the catch is that you must explicitly assign the user account used in the above against the Kaseya temp folder. To me that is quite impractical when you are talking about a large number of nodes.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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  • pretty sure in the VSAs current form set credentials are essentially defunct.

    it use to be needed for BUDR (old acronis) for share authentication.

    you can still use set creds for agent procedures if you want to impersonate/run as user.

    you don't need it in agent package either (unless you have some really weird restrictions). as long as the credentials you set in discovery can authenticate to the endpoints to run the install, no need to bind them to the package.

    most things are better to run as system anyways.