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Cannot remove Views

  • In the SaaS console's Agents - Agents - Manage Agents, the different Views seem to be attached to whomever created the View. This has turned into a mess for us because we have multiple people, some no longer here and at least two from Kaseya Support, making Views we cannot delete.

    Is there a way to assign a One Ring to Rule Them All functionality en masse so I don't need to log in to each user's account in Kaseya, delete the View, log out, etc.? I assume there is, but I don't know what that would be.


  • How do we rid ourselves of a View created by a now-deleted user (which is a situation we are in)?

  • Why cannot the master admin account take ownership any View? This seems like a reasonable way to combat dozens of Views from multiple users becoming uselessly unwieldy.

  • PLEASE!! Go and up-vote the Feature Request for enhanced view management! It's a sorely needed feature. Views are powerful but their management is still in the dark ages. :)

  • A year old. is this implemented yet??

  • Nope! Had direct discussions last summer with the dev team and demonstrated the pain, too.

  • Can you provide the search string for this and/or the URL? Would be glad to up vote it!

  • Good luck!

    Click the Feature Requests link above and it routes you to a page that says you need to be logged in.

    Go to Helpdesk.kaseya.com and log in (so why that login and not the one here?, I can get to Feature Requests via the "Add a Feature Request" link, but that shows me the categories plus the new request link. Select a category and I can see several requests.. Click one and it prompts for an IT Glue login. Support creds don't work for the ITG login and no link to register. Every second page transition re-prompts for authentication. Click Back and you just keep looping to the ITG login.


  • Arg!