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Edit hosts file on a mac

  • Does anyone know how to edit the hosts file on a mac with an agent procedure? PC is easy but the mac is killing me.


  • Additions or removals should be fairly easy with a shell script - echo "new stuff" >> /etc/hosts to add, or 

    cat /etc/hosts | grep -v "what to remove" > /tmp/hosts 
    mv /tmp/hosts /etc/hosts to remove a line. If you want to inline edit multiple lines, look for examples using "sed" - the stream editor.

    Create and test the script on the mac, then upload it to VSA. Use VSA to push the script down and then execute it. I would not try to do this directly with procedure commands.


  • Glen,

    Thanks for the info. it sounds like I have to write one line at a time. I have about 15549 entries to add so is there an easy way to just replace the hosts file on a mac?

  • Sure - just push the replacement file from the VSA. Sounds odd that you'd have that many entries in a Hosts file, though. What are you trying to do?

    Replacing the file outright can have issues if the local hosts file had been customized.


  • Glenn,

    The hosts file hasn't been customized yet.

    When I find nafarious websites I tend to block them via the hosts file. It is quick and very easy to do on a windowns machine.

    Just pushing is what I am trying to do. Alas I am not sure of the commands.

    Thanks for trying to help.

  • For simple adds like that, the first example I posted should do the job.