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Executing Agent Procedures within groups.

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I'm new to Kaseya and I just cant figure this out...  I tried to find docs and on the web without any success.

Basilica, I have groups (companies) , and within those groups are the Machines I'm managing.

so far so good.

I want to create a agent procedure to remove temp files every week (no problem here).

So it seems I can change the "view"  on agent procedures tab,  to the specific group I want (lets say group ABC), and I can select all machines in the group (ABC) , and assign a procedure to those machines. (no problem here).

But that means I must remember in the future to add the procedure manually to the new machine.

SO is there a way to apply a procedure to a group (group ABC), so that in the future when I add a new machine into that group it inherits automatically the procedures I assign to the group (ABC)?

Thanks in advance for any help.



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  • Hi

    This can be done through policy management.

  • You can create a machine view for each of the companies first.

    Then in Group policy, create a policies based on those views. and then you can apply your agent procedure to the policy itself. Once the machine checks into that group, they get the policy applied to them

  • Thanks I will try that.

  • You can sign up to our university for free.  There is some pretty good content there to get you started.


  • You should review our blog on using machine groups effectively - www.mspbuilder.com/blog