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Feature Request - Provide refresh capability on dropdowns for Views, Event Lists, etc.

  • Please provide either an automatic or manual method to update the dropdowns used for selecting related dependencies.
    For example, when creating a policy in Policy Managment, I often have to create / modify a view to be used for that policy.
    Currently I have to Save the policy, go elsewhere in the system, create / modify the View, then come back to the Policy Management section, do a browser refresh on the page, then the new / modified view shows up in the list for selection.  There are other places in the system where this would be beneficial. Ex. Adding / modifying names of Event Lists in the Monitor...Event Log Alerts...Ed Events section.


  • Hi Lonnie,

    Thank you for your post and sharing. You can also submit a feature request with us by accessing the link I have provided below so that product management team can view your entry.


  • Hi Lene1031,

    I did not directly know of that section.  Thanks for pointing that out. I created a post there for this FR.

    Other question: In these Discussion Forums, there is a forum for Product Feature Requests, but when I navigate into that forum the New Post button disappears.
    Most other forums I navigate to has the New Post is available (as shown in the Discovery forum below). That is the reason i posted my earlier FR in the Agent Discussions forum,



  • Thank you for bringing that up to our attention. We will be looking further into this matter. In the meantime, feel free to use the link I have provided above for feature requests.