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Migration from Solarwinds RMM

  • Hello

    It seems my company is going to replace Solarwinds RMM to Kaseya VSA

    I know Kaseya has PSA Migrator solution to migrate date from ConnectWise for example.

    Is any tool exist to migrate Solarwind RMM agents to Kaseya?

    If not what is the best approach for migration from Solarwinds to Kaseya.


  • I'm no expert, however if I was tasked with this I would push out the Kaseya Agent to the clients with the Discovery module, then once the Kaseya Agents were responding I'd look for or create an Agent Procedure to uninstall the Solarwinds RMM client/agent.

    I'm sure others will have a better solution, but I thought I'd share anyhow.

    Good luck!


  • Just create a script in SolarWinds to install the Kaseya agent. If you set up Kaseya correctly it'll match up the agent installations to the correct groups and will auto apply any policies you've created for those groups. After that, just remove all the SolarWinds agents from the dashboard. It's like 3 or 4 clicks.

    Sorry, I'm not sure exactly what your wanting here. A PSA migration makes sense but an RMM is simply install/uninstall. Have you went through the Kaseya training?
  • Thanks a lot for the tips.

    Both variants are attractive. Ive found also variant with using PSEXEC

    In any way the migration will involve some scripting.