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KAV - Configuration is out of complaince with the profile.

  • When i install Kaserpsky i get on some machines the message:

    Configuration is out of complaince with the profile.

    The Profile message: Update Profile - Error On Endpoint: . Failed to query param object : Script error util.getEndpointInfo@getValue

    We have Kaseya 9.4 and try to fix it with changing the update time but nothing seems to help.

    https://helpdesk.kaseya.com/hc/en-gb/articles/229014808-KAV-endpoints-go-out-of-compliance-after-Kaspersky-updates )

    Reinstall the KAV, Removed the KAV with the KAV removaltool, temp direcory.

    Nothing seems to help.

    Have anybody a idea?

    Greets Daan.

  • I would start with reapplying profile. That was a known issue awhile back; we haven't seen it reoccur on our end.

  • I would restart the agent service on the machine, clear KAV pending actions and errors, then submit the profile again. This often solves the problem for us although not always. Also, sometimes applying a completely different random profile seem to succeed, and after that we can successfully apply the profile that failed in the first place.

  • When i change the profile the pc will change his profile and when i change it back it will chang but KEC still gives the Profile error while the profile is working fine on all the pc's. I does'nt matter which profile i use, the pc will take it but KEC remains the error.

  • Now i've try the next things:

    Delete the Kaspersky with the KEC.

    After that i used the Kaspersky uninstaller tool.

    Removed the Kaseya agent.

    Reboot the machine.

    Cleaned the register (delete all the Kaseya and Kaspersky key's.

    Installed the Kaseya Agent

    installed the Kaspersky with the KEC.

    Reboot the machine.

    And still i have the same problem.

    Changed the profile to (Workstation Low) and still have the error.

    I Cleared the KAV pending actions and errors.

    Changed it back to our profile (where everyone is on) and have the same problem.

    Maybe i have to reinstall the pc to fix it. It is very strange.

    Thanks for your comment.

  • Hello,

    although were still on 9.3 we’ve been facing the same profile errors since months now, we’ve opened a support request and we’re working with tech ops in order to resolve the issue.

    Apparently there are some bugs in the exclusions and scan scheduler module, as the agent scripts misread the Kaspersky config files, although the profile is correctly deployed (capital letters in paths, differences in local agent time / server time).

    You can have a clue on what’s going on from the  SecurityLogs.GetProfile_[data].log file (usually it’s located on VSA server in C:\Kaseya\Logs\SysLog\1\), the log will list the current profile settings vs. expected ones for each agent.

    I suggest you to request a support ticket too, as situations may vary deeply and we should put pressure on dev team as I observe that the problem has not been fixed with the major version upgrade.