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Hi there,

We are new partners with Kaseya so am in the process of getting things running smoothly.

I am in the process of trying to configure the software deployment section using the Ninite installer and haven't had much success. Additionally the help documentation wasn't too forth coming.

We have our own Ninite license so I have contacted my account managed and had them add the Ninite license and that all done.
I have imported the Ninite installer into the Master Catalog all good, but after that is about where things start going wrong.

My objective is to only update applications if they are not on there and essentially install a couple of default apps like Adobe Reader and 7zip. It appeared that I needed to add a policy and that a policy only looked at the software catalog, not the master one. So I dragged all the installer references from the Master Catalog-->Ninite folder over and assigned them in the policy to update only (Not install).

I tested this on my machine and it installed every single application, which wasn't fun to revert.

Has anyone successfully setup (or knows how to setup) a policy for Ninite to update apps already installed via Software Deployment?

All help certainly appreciated.

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  • I agree, the documentation is lacking, and the module is not very intuitive.

    For items that we only want to update if present, we tend to use scan only in the policy. We then use Status By Software Title view to select older versions and Deploy the update.

    This approach is OK with a few hundred machines, but would be a pain to manage much more than that.

    I'm sure if the documentation was better, we would have setup a more automated approach.

    There is also the new 3rd party patch module coming out that sounds like it will do what you are after (patch but not deploy third party software).

  • Just follow what you see in overview part of menu (summary-overview) and you can't go wrong.

  • As far as I have heard the ninite module is being replaced by another software management system.

  •  Where did you hear that?

  • Ninite module is still functional but Kaseya is going forward with the software management system in future versions. I believe they are attempting to have it functional with 9.5

  • I believe you can add it to 9.4 if you send a request and, as @JamesB said, it is slated to be part of 9.5

  • , When creating the profile, there should be an "Actions" section.  In there, one of the choices should be"Scan, and update if installed".   This should hopefully set the /UPDATEONLY flag with Ninite to only update what if the application is installed.

    Yes, there is a new module called Software Management.   This is a combination of Software Deployment and Patch Management.    Long term, this will probably replace both, but there are no plans that I know of to sunset either in the near future.    It is available now, but you have to request it through your rep.   It should be standard install in 9.5.

  • , unfortunately even setting just the "scan and update" function still pushed every Ninite application to my desktop rather than just updating what was there.

  • I will say that even *outside* of Kaseya's module I have seen this exact behavior in Ninite on some specific applications.  I don't remember off the top of my head which ones right now, but I've seen before when I was scripting it *outside* of Kaseya that some of the apps specifically ignore the /updateonly flag and will install the latest version regardless of if an old one was on there or not.

  • Ditto!