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Live connect on demand

  • Hi

    New to Kaseya and first post.

    With Kaseya Live connect on demand, I was hoping to replace Team Viewer with this, but it seems extremely slow in comparison.  It takes perhaps about 10-30 seconds for the team viewer agent to download and install from the web page, however live connect on demand is a minimum of 3-5 mins to download and install. Am I doing something wrong, or this is the standard wait time for the Kaseya agent? 

    I'm using the cloud based VSA.

  • Danny, the Live Connect on Demand option allows you to download a fully featured agent that uninstalls after an x amount of time. The agent itself is roughly 30 MB in size which may explain why it takes an extra amount of time. But it takes no more than a minute to install and check in -- just like a normal agent would.

  • Ok, thanks Jeffrey. I guess if I need to use live connect on demand and the person has email working, I'll do it that way. Otherwise I'll continue to use team viewer, because waiting on the phone for someone to download a file that takes up to 5 mins is a waste of tech time. It's strange, because I can pull down files that are GB's from Microsoft in less time than it takes to pull down that 30MB file.

  • Danny, if so, then that's something we need to look into. The VSA shouldn't throttle bandwidth making it challenging to run the agent installer on the fly. Would you be able to create a ticket?

  • Can someone please direct me to where and how I can set up live connect on demand and a step by step direction on how to initiate this type of connection to a client.
  • Might just be easier to just keep a local copy at the end users site in a public share just to make life easy. Then again, they seem to be updating the Agent quite a bit of late. Gotta say even at a small site we work with that only has a T1 it's not that bad of a download. So unless their connection is total dog poop I can't see it being an issue.

  • From what i understand, where the files come from is either over contended, or not enough bandwidth. But no kidding, i pulled down a Microsoft 2016 server ISO 5.7GB in size yesterday that downloaded quicker than the 30MB kaseya agent.

    Live connect on demand is a product we simply cant use at present, so will use team viewer.

  • I'm not sure of the correct procedure, as I am extremely noob to Kaseya mate. But what I do is, go to Agents/manage agents. Hover my mouse over any random agent and choose "live connect". It then spawns a new web page with that agent in the window. In the top right of the new window is a + sign. Click that and you will get a new session. Now in the top left of that window, you will have a small computer icon on the left of the word "agents" . If you click that, you will get your live connect on demand options.

  • Jeffrey, Ive created a ticket just now. Hopefully in the right area. But it asks for what version of Kaseya. I just had a stab at what version I am on, but how do i find what version i am using?

  • Jodub112, thats fine for sites like say an office with many computers. Keeping the agent there will be better than downloading afresh, but Live connect on demand is the problem, as we were hoping to replace Team Viewer with live connect on demand, but waiting around for up to 5 mins for an agent to download wont fly. So we will stick with Team viewer as a tech can be on the phone to someone and on their pc in under a minute.

    Plus, I have a roll out to do of a few hundred desktops, which will have unique machine groups and packages. So up to 5 mins per package will be pretty painful.

  • Jeffrey thanks for the advice of lodging a ticket. I' never actually logged one being new to Kaseya, so didn't know the drill. But they have changed me to another CDN and now instead of 3-5 mins download of the agent, it takes me 10 seconds. Great result for the agents. But live connect still takes 5 mins, as it comes from a different url it seems.

  • Refer to our help file: help.kaseya.com/.../9040000. There's great documentation here which should answer most of your questions. Let us know if you have any feedback.

  • You do not need to go through that step just to start a LCoD session. Live Connect is a standalone app and can be launched just by typing the name of the app from the Start menu. Refer to this guide for an idea of that process: helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../115002650628-9-4-After-9-4-Upgrade-Live-Connect-Remote-Control-is-Not-Connecting-To-Agents. The difference here is that you may want to add -cdn to your URL to hasten the download process for the end user.

    The easiest way to find out what version you're currently on is to go straight to your VSA URL: saas41.kaseya.net/.../login.aspx. On the bottom right, you will see the patch level which is what we typically refer to --

  • Hmmm, not sure what you mean about LCOD as a stand alone app Jeffrey. Maybe I dont have it with my edition?

    If i search in the start menu, all I get is "Kaseya Live connect" and if i click on that, it is populated with no information and asks me to add servers, edit server, or launch which doesnt do anything. I imagine it would have to ask me for creds to authenticate with my Kaseya instance? But it doesnt.

  • "The easiest way to find out what version you're currently on is to go straight to your VSA URL: saas41.kaseya.net/.../login.aspx. On the bottom right, you will see the patch level which is what we typically refer to --"

    Perhaps this is for the on premise version? Because when i login to my VSA, there is nothing in the bottom right hand corner.