When trying to install Agent on a machine, the installation fails with the message "Sporder.dll cannot be found"
. After this there may still be some elements of the Agent installed, for example the Kaseya Service may exsist, or the agentmon.exe task may be running, but it will not function correctly.


If AgentMon.exe is running, then the install process has completed and
sporder.dll should be in the same directory as the Agent, i.e. c:\program Files\Kaseya\Agent.

This DLL is used to put Kaseya’s Network Protection application into the Winsock stack, sporder.dll contains auxiliary API calls to an interface within Winsock. It allows Kaseya to insert a Winsock Layered Service Provider in the manner laid out by Microsoft.

Sporder.dll is a legitimate Microsoft written DLL that is described as 'WinSock2 reorder service provider' by Microsoft. Sometimes programs like spy sweeper and some antivirus software can find this DLL and identify it as spyware or a virus - it is not. It can be used by these sorts of malware, as other parts of the OS may be.

Check to make sure there is not anything running on the machine that may be causing the file to be deleted or quarantined. Perhaps temporarily turn off Antivirus software and spy sweepers to see if the installation runs correctly without them.

Be sure that sporder.dll is in c:\program files\kaseya\agent. If the file is not found, the Kaseya agent will be unable to start correctly. This file should also be found in the system32 folder. Try copying it from the system32 folder into the Kaseya agent folder and try restarting the Kaseya service.

If this still does not correct the fault send the KasError.log file from c:\program Files\Kaseya\Agent directory on that machine to Kaseya support, with any supporting documentation, error messages, screen shots etc.

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