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Last reboot time wrong in Kaseya

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Hi (sorry for the double post, i wanted to upload some screenshots for more info, and submitted the post)

We have multiple agents where the last reboot time is wrong.

For example a server that rebooted this morning, in Kaseya the last reboot date is 6-Sep-16.

See screenshots.

How can we fix this?

Kind regards,Edwin

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  • Hi

    You can check whether this information is set go be gathered based on the setting in the Agent module. Via the Log history page, confirm the column for "uptime log" is set to collect the reboot time.  Number of days must be set to 1 or greater for accurate last reboot time collection.

    Here is the helpguide for more information: help.kaseya.com/.../index.asp

    Confirming the agent is up to date in the agent version should be reviewed as well.

  • also worth mentioning is - if it's a windows 10 machine and fast startup is turned on, the last reboot time will not update if they simply click "reboot" because it's hibernating rather than doing a full cycle.