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Setting Credentials, Why?

  • For the Software Deployment module (KDSU)/Ninite, we are apparently required to set credentials. Having run Kaseya for 6 years over 3000+ agents without having to set credentials, we are miffed as to why the KDSU module requires setting credentials. We have been utilizing procedures to do advanced automation this entire time and are able to utilize the SYSTEM account do this this work. So why can we deploy, say, Adobe Reader via a procedure using the SYSTEM credentials, but if we want to use KDSU we have to set credentials for each machine? 

    Setting credentials for 3000+ machines absolutely eliminates many of the efficiency gains that Kaseya can give us, unless you're boneheaded and have the same username/password on every one of your machines. In that case, what happens if someone gets your local account hash? They could get local admin access on every one of your machines! For the sake of security, every PC ought to have a unique password, but can you imagine manually setting 3000+ passwords via credential setting and then resetting those on occasion? How horrific would that be! 

    Please tell me it is somehow possible to use KDSU without setting credentials, or at least help me justify Kaseya's reasoning behind not being able to utilize the SYSTEM account like you can with Procedures. 

  • Hi

    We originally tried using the System account with KSDU, but we discovered a small, but significant, portion of the Ninite installers were failing when run under the System account. However, they successfully installed under a normal account that had administrative privileges. Hence the decision to require a credential be set.

    I agree that it is inconvenient to have to set credentials for a lot of machines. We haven't re-investigated this yet, so I will put a ticket into our system to investigate it and see if that is still the case and what can be done about it.