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Third-party patching

  • Besides Ninite (which I've read is deprecated), what are my best option(s) for bulk patching certain applications (e.g. Chrome of Java)? Our other RMM application downloads the patches automatically and applies them based on a schedule. How can we make Kaseya behave the same?


  • Ninite is still supported in the VSA through the KDSU module, the license model has just changed.  Now you purchase your Ninite licensing directly through Ninite and upload the executable to the VSA.  If you're not a fan of KDSU you can script your Ninite updates though agent procedures as well.

    If you script there are pretty easy references on their website:  ninite.com/.../automation.html

    Another option is Chocolatey which you could script through agent procedures as well:  https://chocolatey.org/