I just deploy a new set of 1 server and 3 workstations to a new client and I can't get the Patch to work.

It's a Windows 2008 R2 server NOT in a domain.

I create the LAN cache on a disk on the server.

Then I Assign LAN Cache to all 4 machines (3 workstations and the one server it self)

All 4 machines got the "Assigned LAN Cache' OK, but the "Test Status" is always 'Failed"

I read the Agent Log and could not find nothing there that points to the failure.

I'm assuming that I'm not doing something right on the LAN Cache setup.

After the Assignment, I went to 'Path Managment" and forced run the "Scan Machine" for all 4 machines.

The Patch Policy Membership is assigned to all 4 machines. (zz[SYS] - Workstation Patching and zz[SYS] - Server Patching)

My other clients (that are in a Domain), are working fine and I'm using the same "patch Policy Membership" for them.

The folders where the LAN Cache is is shared with "Everyone" with R/W rights.

I'm reading this thread for 2013:


and looks like the LAN_Cache issue is quite old.

I'm not sure why I can't make it to run on this specific server, but the fact is that it is not beeing created and the only difference I have from my other 3 servers is that this one DO NOT use domain.

I just create everything again, from scratch, on server01.lhi.ntw and it stops at the very first step:

Lan CAche (under Agent). The cache is created, the folder is created, but it never gets the 'Cahce Created date". Still showing "Pending Add" and if I "Test Generated Cache Credential" it shows "Pending".

Any ideas what could be the issue?