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Agent Procedure to check if file exists and then report back via email of the location on each computer

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My client is trying to remove a particular file that has many version to it so we are also trying to use a wildcard. FileName_*.*

Does anyone know of a script that will scan all drives and report back if the file is found. I have tried the TestFile, but it appears it needs the full path to work.



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  • If the file is not stored in a known path then it will be very complicated to script, could it be that there might be a registry key or an ini file one each computer that specifies the path?

    If not the only way would be to use a more advanced scripting language like Vbscript or Powershell that will allow you to search for these files and remove them and then use Kaseya agent procedures to execute the scripts.

  • Whats the file name ?

    Does it have a .exe extesnion ?

  • We haver a procedure that searches for PST files and outputs to a text file on the machine, Which could easily be edited to email or alert you.

    executeShellCommand (Dir /b /s /d C:\* C:\%username_%computer%_PST_Files.txt)

  • execute shell command

    for /f %D in ('wmic volume get name') do @dir %D /b /s /a 2>nul | findstr /i "PARTIAL_FILE_NAME" >> c:\found_files.txt

    test file


    if file contains


    send mail (under the if)


    The above is a rough explanation of what you can do with the kaseya procedure editor

    note that PARTIAL_FILE_NAME should not include the asterisks, so in your example above you used FileName_*.* but in this example you would just use FileName_

  • If you want to go down that route why not specify the file in the DIR command saves a bit of time/resources eg:

    for /f %D in ('wmic volume get name') do @dir %DFileName_*.* /b /s /a 2>nul