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set the IIS W3SVC1 log period (Command line or Agent Procedure)

  • Hello

    I want to write agent procedure that can set the IIS W3SVC1 log period  to 2 weeks.


  • ,  We just run a script to delete all the logs that are over 60 days old using a FORFILES command.

    FORFILES /p d:\inetpub\logs\W3SVC1 /s /m *.log /d -60 /c "CMD /C del /Q @FILE"

    You would need to update it with the location of your logs files, and change the "60" to "14" days if you only wanted 2 weeks.   We have multiple Kservers so we are able to script it, but you could probably setup a scheduled task to do it every week.

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  • IIS doesn't have built in logfile management. It just makes a new log every day, forever. So, There is no 'setting' for Kaseya to set or adjust. You must use a separate third-party tool to delete unwanted old IIS logs.

    I use a 'universal' VBS script we developed to do the log file cleaning, but you could use www.erezbenari.com/.../iislogcleaner.html and build an agent procedure around that.

  • @Chris Amori,

    We use the same script (cmd)... works fine..