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Agent versioning system

  • Newbie question:

    Are agents versioned in lockstep with the server versions? I am reading about R9, R9.2 to come, and we have a variety of agent versions (6,7,8) in the field. I need to advise on the need to update them to the latest. Would the latest agents be version 9x and soon 9.2?

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    Agents should always be updated after a server upgrade.  The version of software running on the server should always match the version running on the agent.  Updates to the agent software can include security-related improvements, communication improvements, bug fixes, etc.  Additionally, while the agent will generally continue to check into the KServer even when running an older version, some features may not work properly or at all when an agent is running a version older than the KServer.  If an agent is "misbehaving," always check that it's running the latest version and, if not, update it.  This is an older article by a Kaseya partner, but the information is still valid.  It's worth the quick read:  virtualadministrator.com/.../is-your-kaseya-agent-out-of-date

  • I am on VSA version When I install and agent, even with the force option checked, the version that gets installed is

  • When you load a new VSA version, the version number of both the VSA server and the agent are both X.X.y.y - where X.X is the release version (e.g. 9.1) and y.y starts off at 0.0. With each patch the 0.0 is incremented, so patch, patch etc...

    The agent's minor version isn't supposed to match the VSA's minor version exactly. As long as your agents "major version" (first two digits) match your VSA version, all is well.... the .y.y or "minor version" is simply incremented each time they update the agent program itself - many VSA server patches don't call for any agent code changes, so over time the version numbers naturally drift apart e.g. the VSA may get 6 patches, but the client part only 2 patches, so the server becomes patch but the agent version =

    A major weakness in the VSA currently is, if a new agent version is released, we have NO WAY of knowing - until EITHER a new machine has the agent installed from the VSA for the first time (since the latest version of kcssetup.exe is always downloaded from the VSA during an initial install), OR, we randomly from time to time go into the update agent screen, tick the force update button and apply on a test agent to see if the version number changes.

    Back in about version 6.3, Kaseya used to publish a KB article describing the bugs fixed in agent version releases, so you could just check the KB article from time to time, however I don't believe Kaseya does this any more, and I have lost the original KB link (probably no longer exists anyhow).

  • Also, it's normal for the Windows, Linux and Mac "latest agent version" numbers to all be different.

  • Craig I think you mean this KB article - helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../33102237-Kaseya-Windows-Agent-Interim-build-release-notes

    Kaseya - if you won't make the agent updating process more automatic it would be great to at least see this article being regularly updated again!

  • Hi

    Thank you for the feedback on this.

    The referenced KB article was retired after Kaseya V6.3.

    Every subsequent release after 6.3, the agent fixes are documented in the Patch Release notes.

    Here is an example:


    I have now updated the retired KB to reflect this information.

    However, I understand your request for a main or consolidated article that summarizes this similar to the retired KB.

    I will get back to you on what we can provide for this type of information.

  • Wouldn't it be nice if the "System-Server Management-Configure" screen showed that there was an Agent Update available in the same way that it indicates an available VSA Patch? Doesn't seem like rocket science.

  • That is a pretty good suggestion Zippo - preferably a daemon of sorts:

    If update available > stagger and schedule agent updates according to [Option set by Administrator].

  • Hi Nicholas. Kaseya isn't consistent in informing of new agent versions. The current agent is - I fail to see a note of this change in any R9.1 patch release note??

    Oscar and Zippo, Automatic agent version updates is the #1 requested feature on the Feature Requests website. See helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../39238066-Auto-Update-of-Agents - it has 110 'likes'  and outnumbers all other requests (bar the return of RDP) threefold.

    So, yes, we have collectively "put in a feature request" - and it's the #1 feature request across the entire feature requests platform. Kaseya's response .... ?

  • Craig... Last webinar I heard Automatic Agent updates was going to be available to be turned on or off... but I suppose the new roadmap webinar will be superseding that.

  • Whilst i'm at it....ijust noticed that f you update the agent version, this will freeze any existing KRC sessions. It's probably obvious in retrospect that this will happen....but still a bit of a gotcha.

    I'd suggest that any "auto agent update" process should check for a current KRC session and defer updating if an active KRC session is happening.

  • Hi  

    You are correct, the Patch Release notes were not included for agent version

    I will reach out to get this included in the notes and I will update the thread with the notes for agent version when they become available.

    In regards to s comment,  the upcoming roadmap should clarify the status of the auto agent update feature.

    If it does not, feel free to reach out to me.