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503 Error Thrown Post Install

  • Hello -

    I've been running through the install of R9 on a Windows 2008 R2 VM and keep getting an error webpage post install. The system is a bare Windows Server 2008 R2 system with only .NET Framework 4 and SQL express installed as well as the R9 Server software. After going through the system checks and having everything pass, the installer runs through the license checks as well as downloads the modules. Once all of it completes it takes me to a page on the local host in IE (http://<localhost>/SystemTab/HotfixThenReapply.asp) where it has the Service Unavailable HTTP Error 503.

    Anyone else run into this? I'm not sure what Kaseya's "fix it" button changed on IIS, but it seems to not be a fix for Kaseya to work.

  • Hi  

    It sounds as though when trying to complete Reapply Schema after the installation process a specific service is unavailable.

    Perhaps, the installation did not complete successfully or a service may need investigation.

    Have you created a support ticket for this issue?

    If you have not, I would create one and attach the install logs from this attempt. (The install logs can be located in C:\Windows)

    Please let me know if you have created one.



  • Thanks Nicolas!

    I created a ticket, but have not heard a response today. The way the system is setup and our network we are unable to screenshare for debugging. Once that came up it seems support had lost interest.

    I'll check for the logs and attach them to my current ticket and go from there. Where exactly can I find the logs? I just see HTML docs regarding Kaseya where you referenced.

    Added info on reference
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  • Hi  

    Not a problem. Below is where the install logs should be located, usually the ones were interested in are the most recent Kaseya-core and Kaseya-Kinstall html files.

    If you are not sure which one to select, go ahead and grab them all and zip them up and attach them to the ticket.

    Feel free to open them up and review yourself as well, they are pretty easy to decipher.

    Another good place to check is the Event Logs in Windows Event Viewer.

    You would want to ensure there are no errors / warnings / critical event logs generating on a consistent basis -- especially regarding Kaseya Services.


    Also, if you provide the ticket # I can check the status of the ticket.



  • Thanks Nicolas, I'm going to attach that file on my ticket.

    The ticket number is 88153