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Agent Never Checks in for the first time - Procedure not approved yet (

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This is a new install in our production environment and Kaseya is not working.   (

I attempted to add three servers total, one being the "Kserver" itself with an agent, and the other two agents on remote servers.  
There are NO WINDOWS firewalls turned on at all.

All of the agents show up in the Kserver, but any attempt to do an audit fails immediately, so no Kworking folder gets created - Even the agent on the Kserver itself!

When I run an audit, I am getting a message stating they aren't approved and I am currently running this with the admin account that I set everything up with) 

There are no pending procedures

The remote agents can in fact telnet to the KServer using port 5721 and I have verified traffic from the network through the firewall from the remote.  
I dont see any traffic coming from the Kserver to the agent.

The agents will allow me to use the internal RDP client built in to Kaseya just fine. (obviously using a different port)

Kaseya is Utilizing a Remote SQL Instance (2008r2 on port 1435) Port 1433 is currently being used by another application, so unfortunately the network portion of Kaseya won't work for me according to support)

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  • Typically issues like this are caused by a failed schema application. Try 'reapply schema' from system -> configure and see if that helps.

    There have been several similar posts across version 7-8-9 upgrades.....especially if you have a larger K install (500+ agents) and/or maxxed out hardware.

  • Craig has posted some great suggestion to try. If you are still experiencing issues and currently don't have a support ticket open already, feel free to create a new support request at helpdesk.kaseya.com. Also feel free to post the ticket # so I can track it for you.