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Download patch from internet to VSAPatchFiles\ of Kasey Server

  • Dear Sir /madam,

    For the File Source of Path management, Anyone have let met know how to download windows patch from internet to 

    <Kaseya installation directory>\WebPages\ManagedFiles\VSAPatchFiles\> of  Kaseya Server.

    After then pull those of patch from Kaseya Server to work directory of endpoint machine.

    I am not clear how to work of File Source and deploy  patch to endpoint machine.



  • stewartlau,

    1. on the Patch > File Source page, select the endpoints you want to get patches through the KServer

    2.  select the radio button for "System Server" (this option is only active for on-premise installations; if you're using the SaaS solution, the option is inactive)

    3.  After scanning for and approving/denying patches, schedule Patch > Automatic Update to run on the endpoints

    4.  When Automatic Update runs, Kaseya will download the patches needed for the endpoint from the internet to the KServer.  The patches will then be automatically copied from the KServer to the endpoint's working directory.

    You do not need to do anything special to copy the files from the KServer to the endpoint - this happens automatically during an update cycle when the file source for said endpoint is configured as "via System Server".  Similarly, you do not need to do anything special on the KServer to have the VSAPatchFiles folder populate.  It will populate automatically each time an endpoint configured to use the KServer as the file source runs an update cycle.  

    Patches are stored perpetually on the file source (in this example, on the KServer).  Any endpoint which runs an update cycle, has the KServer defined as the file source, and needs the exact same patch as a previous endpoint will gather the patch directly from the KServer without having to 'wait' for the KServer to re-download that patch.  Any patches that have not already been downloaded will be gathered from the internet at that time, stored on the KServer, and then copied to the endpoint.