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New BitDefender plugin for Kaseya

  • Has anyone tried out the new BitDefender plugin for Kaseya? They recently released a plugin. I want to evaluate the product, but I was unable to login after installing the plugin. It reapplied schema after installing, so I rebooted to double check and I still couldn't login. I uninstalled the plugin and then I was able to login. Has anyone experienced this or anything positive with the product? I am not particularly satisfied with Kaspersky or AVG.

    All of my Kaseya services were running and I was getting ""An error occurred during the login process." I simply could not login. I uninstalled the plugin and then I could login. Any ideas? 


  • We had a demo this week of BitDefender with the Kaseya plugin. Overall, it looked good, but we found four potential issues that impact it's ability to integrate into our environment (for now). These two are near show-stoppers:

    * Some alerts can only send emails (licensing & malware "infestation", for example). Not terrible, but there's no mechanism to define the subject line format. All of our alerts are sent to a ticketing system that parses the subject line to route the ticket, set priority, classify the event, set Server or Workstation, etc. Our email connector's subject line is pretty much NOT human readable!

    * No integration to system Policy Management. We use these policies pretty heavily, so having to go back to manual administration of AV configs will be a PITA. Then again, we've got some serious gripes with the KAV/KAM policy console, too.

    There are two items that we depend on that could not be verified in the demo

    * The documentation says that "virtual machines are not supported", which seems strange. During the demo, which was run against a physical environment, the sales engineer could not confirm if that meant "guests" or "hosts". I can live with not supporting hosts.

    * Support for querying the client via WMI or other API to determine product installation state, running state, and definition currency could not be confirmed by the sales engineer, either. We use this to confirm the client config, alerting if the product isn't running or is out of date.

    General thoughts:

    Pros - it was nice to have both AV and AM managed with a single interface/profile. The interface was a little less cluttered with fewer configurable options, simplifying configuration. We don't use many of the more esoteric KAV/KAM settings anyway.

    Cons - some key missing management features as noted above; feature set somewhat different from other product configurations and relative newness impacted the sales engineer's comfort with this release. Some features in the AV/AM profile config were missing, although only a minor impact.

    We may still fire this up on the Dev server for more in-depth testing, and the engineer is supposed to get back to us on our 4 significant issues from above. I'll post more when we get results from BD and possibly do our own in-depth tests.


  • I've been unable to install the Kaseya plugin. I've installed it 3x now, allowing it to reapply schema every time and then I can no longer log into Kaseya. I get the following errors when trying to login:

    The challenge/response security mechanism timed out. Please log in again.

    An error occurred during the login process.

    I uninstall the plugin and I can login fine. We were really wanting to evaluate this product, but it's not even making it out of the gate. I've worked with their support and it's been a challenge trying to setup a remote support session during a late time when I can take Kaseya down again. I have a feeling they won't know how to troubleshoot the Kaseya issue once they see it and it's not Kaseya's problem, so I'm screwed.

    We were still wanting to see if we can use the product 100% outside of Kaseya so that our eggs aren't in one basket. The Kaseya security products are often painful to manage. AVG and Kaspersky are notorious for expiring and then the machines get infected. The profiles don't stay synched. Licensing is a one giant mystery. 0 reports for identifying licenses expiring on the horizon. Kaspersky has rendered mice unusable, filled up the OS drive with temp files, sometimes fails installs on brand new machines with no conflicting AV software.

    I'm just so disappointed that KES and KAV are the way they are. Literally every MSP uses antivirus to assist their clients. AV and patching are BASIC functions of servicing computers. For these modules to still remain trash while Mobile/Mobility/EMM is on it's 3rd release is disgusting. The all-in-one security module for Kaseya has been talked about for years and it's yet to happen. When core features of the product are so frustrating to work with after having obtained a certification after 6 years of experience, people end up going to conferences to check out new ones. *wink*

  • I plan to begin testing this third-party module soon as well.  

    Yes there are some features that are still desired however, it is showing more promise than the current security modules from Kaseya.