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Kaseya for retreiving stolen laptop

  • Has anyone used Kaseya in retreiving a stolen laptop using the info from agent check-in?

    The reason I ask is that a customer of mine recently had a laptop stolen. I have an agent installed on it. It hasn't checked in since being stolen (yesterday).Obviously a reformat would wipe the agent, but not all theives are smart enough to consider there's a potential lo-jack product on the device.


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  • Had a client's laptop stolen out of her office a couple years ago.

    We were able to give the police all the details from our inventory report.

    I then set an alert to email me as soon as it checked in again.

    It never did.

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  • I successfully recovered a laptop for a customer who had it stolen. The first thing I did after it being reported stolen to us and the police, I turned on the alert for emailing when it checked in. Luckily, the theif wiped out user profile data, but left the Windows install otherwise intact. A few hours later, the unit checks in, and I have some of the data I need: the IP address they were coming from.

    That didn't cut it for me.

    I decided to initiate a remote session (hidden VNC) every time the unit came online and I had my schedule free. By just sitting there watching the user surf the net, I was able to obtain their name, address, phone number, bank account information, and place of employment. All of this was obtained by watching them read their email from months of not having checked it (several thousand messages unread).

    In addition to that, the customer specified sensitive data on the laptop that they wanted wiped out, in the case that the machine came online. So, I wrote a batch file that deleted contents of specific folders they had requested, and all sensitive data was wiped successfully. Very simple del C:\folder\* /F/S/Q did the trick.

    The customer did get the laptop back when all the information was given to the police, who had noted to us that the personal information we found was for a woman and a man who currently had warrants out for their arrest, and the address given was the address of the friend's house where they were currently hiding. The laptop was pretty much wiped clean when they got it, but the sensitive information was safely deleted (for the most part) and the hardware was returned intact.

    I took great pride in my bit of work those few days Smile

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  • That was an amazing story. Maybe Kaseya should add theft recovery to the product feature list :-D

    Good job!


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  • I have seen some MSPs advertise "stolen laptop assistance" as a feature.

    I am thinking this is a good reason to use the "remove k menu" script on a machine.

    Right now this customer is on the fence about migrating to my managed services program. I deployed agents for my own convenience. If this manages to help recover it, I think it might put them over the edge.

    Great story, keep them coming!

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  • I know it's been said, but I had a laptop stolen and wiped clean as well. I had the agent set to email me immediately when it came back online but it never did. Like the previous poster who did the same, I was able to tell the customer the model number, specs, serial number, and some other information to give the police, but it was never found.

    I'm glad someone posted a success story though. Smile

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