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Custom Fields

  • Where can I find documentation on custom fields.  So far I have read that I can update them manually or via agent procedures... What I cant figure out is how to create them.  

    I would like to create 7 custom fields across all my agents, is this possible?

  • When you create a custom field, it is created for all agents.  You can populate the data within the field for a single or for multiple agents.

    To create the custom field, visit the Audit > Machine Summary page.  Find the "New Custom Field" button just above the System Information section of the data pane (the right-most pane).  Once created, the field will be available to ALL agents.

    To edit the Custom Field data populated for a single machine, select the machine then click the Edit Machine Button (just to the right of the toolbox).  Custom fields will be at/near the bottom of the Edit Machine Data page.

    To edit the Custom Field data populated for multiple machines at one time (when you want to enter the same value for all selected machines), select the machines then click "Bulk Edit Custom".  

    Custom field can be populated from agent procedures using the updateSystemInfo() step.

    Some high-level information regarding Custom Fields can be found in the help file here under the "Actions" section:  help.kaseya.com/.../index.asp