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Initial update slow and or hung

  • Hi All

    We are wanting to use INitial Update feature for new PC builds.

    I have set a 'file server' as a file source.

    I kicked off initial update at 11am/ PC has rebooted twice so far. It is now 2:30pm. Status is stuck at "Processing operating system non-critical updates".

    I have read earlier threads regarding Initial Update being slow - they all talk about larger downloads etc due to a different approach being used.

    I am not concerned about that. I am concerned however that inital updates is currently just hung with no clue as to where it is at.

    We can't use this tool to build new PC's for customers if we can't be sure if it is going to take 1 day or 5.

    Perhaps there are some logs that can identify where the bottle neck is?

    Is the feature deliberately designed to throttle?


  • Having cancelled the Initial Update on the machine, now 1.5hrs later, the has randomly decided to finally perform another one or two patches and reboot!

    This process is proving to be uncontrollable and unpredictable, and we are flying blind!