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Install agent and update custom field

  • Hi

    We have a default agent we install to all servers and workstations at present.  When an agent gets deployed can it add info to a custom field ?  If so I can create different agents to deploy for differing levels of support and I can then easily base a view on the custom field.

    Am I looking at it from the wrong point of view, should I only have 1 agent and then do something else, its the something else I cant think of.

    Thanks in advance


  • You can update custom fields using scripts .. so you can create a policy (or even use the old template method ) to force the agent to run the script once when it first goes online

  • Not sure if they fixed one off scheduling in 6.5 or 7 of Policy Management, if not just do one off schedule of your procedure against the agent template you use for your agent installation packages.

    That's what I currently do and it works fine.