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Local Admins Report

  • Has anyone created a report that displays members of local administrators group?  I tried creating several ways but I can only obtain report for current user and Last user logged on memberships.  Way too much data than i need.  Just need to see members of local administrators on each agent.

  • Looks like you can grab this with a custom report, using the Audit->Local Members Report Part.

    Running one more test now, and I'll see if can upload an example report for you.

  • AdminReport.xml

    Well I *would* if I could get the export to work on my system :(... I have a working report, but when I try to export it, the "New Export" window just hangs at "Loading Data"... Guess it's time for another bug report  :(

    Aha.. Finally got it.. For anyone elses reference the default view was to show "100" items for me, and when I changed that down to 10 and I could go between "pages" of items to export it would finally list things..

    Forgot attachment... It's there now.
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  • You can easily change the filters or columns in that attached report to show other groups, or change groupings, etc... Right now i have it set to show the user and group name, grouped by Machine Name, and filtered to only show the group named "Administrators"

  • Jonathan  - I tried and get no data.  Not sure what i am doing wrong.  i created new report, Selected "Local Members" from Report Parts -> Audit, Selected the field on the report then in Advanced filters, I select Group name is Equal to "Administrators" and I get no results.

  • Try importing the report I attached above..  Overall the main key is that you *don't* want to use the "Group Name" field at all.. That is the machine group name.  You want to show the Field "Member", and the column to filter on is "User Group Name".  That is the actual Group name from the machine.

  • Tried importing the xml but I keep getting an error "Cannot insert duplicate key in bject "ReportCenter.ReportTemplate" with unique index 'IX.ReportTeplate"

  • I created a report based on your suggestion above and it worked perfect.  Thank you.

  • Yeah the import error would be because you apparently already have a report template with the same name as I tried used on this one.   Glad you were able to get things working.