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Kaseya Live Connect and Chrome

  • Thanks to an update to Google Chrome, I am now no longer able to run the Live Connect plugin. Does anyone know a work around for this or am I to abandon Live Connect in Google Chrome?

    Google Chrome has disabled all 3rd party extensions due to an increase in security and I am unable to install/enable the extension in Developer mode. 

  • There have been a few threads for this issue created already. Here are the solutions provided in each thread.

    You can either follow the instructions here:


    Or Follow these instructions here:

    1) download Chrome group policy templates here: http://dl.google.com/dl/edgedl/chrome/policy/policy_templates.zip

    2) Copy [zip]\windows\chrome.admx to c:\windows\policydefinitions

    3) Copy [zip]\windows\[yourlanguage]\chrome.adml to c:\windows\policydefinitions\[yourlanguage]\chrome.adml (not c:\windows\[yourlanguage])

    4) In Chrome, go to Settings -> Extensions

    5) Check the Developer Mode checkbox at the top

    6) Scroll down the list of disabled extensions and note the ID's of the extensions you want to enable.  LogMeIn, for example, is ID: nmgnihglilniboicepgjclfiageofdfj

    7) Click Start -> Run, and type gpedit.msc

    8) Expand User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Google -> Google Chrome -> Extensions

    9) Double-click to open "Configure extension installation whitelist"

    10) Select "Enabled", then click "Show..."

    11) In the list, enter all the ID's for the extensions you noted in Step 6

    12) Click OK and restart Chrome.

    Fixed the zip file hyperlink
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  • So why can't Kaseya just get the Live Connect plugin in the Chrome Web Store? This is a bit much to have to go through on every computer that I use.

  • Agreed, this is all a bit much. I was able to get it working by going through the developer mode in chrome. Alternatively, some have suggested opening your own google chrome app publishing account and denying general access to it, thereby installing an app from the chrome store.