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x64 Remote Sessions

  • We have the 4.7 agent install on a few 2003 64 bit edition servers and Remote control sessions are extremely slow. I am assuming this is beacuseit is usingthe 32 bit vnc server.Is anyone else having this issue or know of a workaround?

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  • Hi Mark,

    I noticed the same on some 64 bit XP machines.

    You can speed up the response a little bit by changing the Capture Method to "Poll screen for updates". I believe it uses a bit more CPU to achieve this.

    You can either hack the registry (look under the HKLM_WOW6432Node section), or copy VNCConfig.exe from another PC to modify the settings in the GUI.



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  • I have noticed the slowness on Server 2003 x64. I'll try the poll screen for updates recommendation.

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