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Whens the next patch release?

  • Is kaseya still holding to the bi-weekly patch release schedule? Seems like after 6.5 the schedule was lost. 

    I haven't updated to 6.5 yet. If the next patch release is coming soon i would rather wait. 

  • May 31st: community.kaseya.com/.../roadmap.aspx

  • Yikes, I just noticed this:

    "Support former Remote Control for “backup” use using KVNC. Drop other forms: RDP, tightVNC, WinVNC, PC Anywhere, RAdmin"

    I hope the part about dropping RDP is not true. Don't care about the others forms.

  • Go here like this as much as possible! helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../40172893-RDP-access-to-stay-in-new-remote-control

  • Did that.

  • I wasnt referring to the major release on May 31st. Doesnt say it anymore but they had on their previously that patches would be released on a bi-weekly basis.

  • Hi Elliot,

    You can track the status of Patch updates at the link below.  My understanding is that bi-weekly patching is still the plan, with out-of-band patches as necessary.




  • The last patch release was march 4th so we should be seeing some new ones today or early this week. Can someone from kaseya comment?

    I want to upgrade to 6.5 however i'm waiting out one more patch release.

  • A new patch was released several hours ago today.


  • There was a patch released yesterday...

  • In the "Path Release" notes does anyone know the difference between "Backup" and "Data Backup" and what each of those items are? Does either of these have anything to do with KSBR?

  • Zippo,

    If you visit http://www.kaseya.com/features and scroll to the bottom, there is a "Backup & Recovery" section.  The various backup products are discussed there.

  • Thanks, Brande.