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Monitor Sets on Windows XP Home

  • Hi there!

    Do you know anything about monitor sets on Windows XP Home not responding?

    I tried to do steps from this article http://community.kaseya.com/kb/w/wiki/692.aspx but Kaseya Agent does not create CSV files in C:\kworking\Klogs and any Counter Logs in Perfmon does not exist too.

    Credential test passed. 

    Also this Monitor Sets are working correct on Windows XP Pro and Windows 7 all editions.

  • Kaseya Agent does not create Couter Logs in Perfmon on Windows XP Home


  • Hello,

    Have you tried to create a counter manually to verify that this machines allows perfmon counters to be created?

    In the command prompt on this Windows XP Home machine you can run this command - 

    logman.exe create counter KCTR$9999  -c "\LogicalDisk(C:)\% Free Space" -si 3600  -o C:\kworking\KLOG$9999 -f csv --v
    Then, you can try and start the counter with the following command -
    logman start KCTR$9999
    It should detail if the counter can be created and started in the command prompt, if not it will return a error in the Event Viewer with more specific details to the problem on this workstation.
  • Hello

    I tried to create a counter manually from GUI and command promt, and it is working great!

    Thank you.

    But Kaseya Agent still can't create it.
    [edited by: Vasiliy Maryutenkov at 10:45 PM (GMT -8) on Jan 20, 2014]
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  • Hi Vasiliy,

    More information will be required to verify the issue on this specific machine/OS.

    Have you submitted a support ticket on this case - if so, could you please provide a ticket ID?

    If not, it would be best to create a ticket and reference the ticket number here.

    If you can create the counter manually and it is running and collecting data in the KLOG$9999.CSV file, the agent should be able to perform the same operation as this is the same command the agent executes to create the perfmon counters.

    Please let me know.

    Kind Regards,