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How do i get the LiveConnect Installed on my home machine?

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I have LiveConnect working on my work machine no problem, but sometimes while at home i need to remote onto a user's machine. Every time i try to remote onto someone the pop-up for a live-connect/pkg installer comes up, and then just disappears. How do i get LiveConnect Installed?

Mac, 10.8.5 Safari 6.1 Our office uses Enterprise Kaseya. Thanks..

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  • Hello,

    It sounds like you are able to download the LiveConnect.pkg file but it is failing to run/start?

    If this is the case - have you checked the security settings in System Preferences?

    Here is a example:

    If there is any error being generated - a screenshot may help us understand what is happening on your home machine.



  • Already have that selected. The Window for installing LiveConnect.pkg flashes for 1 second, and then goes away. but will not install. is there a way to just get the live connect installer without installing the entire Kaseya app? I don't want to add my home machine to the ones Kaseya tracks, there's no need. i just need the LiveConnect Plug-in installed so i can remote on to my users machines from home..

  • I will work on a screenshot .

  • I went ahead and updated my home machine to 10.9, and of course Kaseya is broke now and can't remote into anything anymore. So, I guess this can be closed until Kaseya comes up with a fix for 10.9. Thanks for trying to help me though..

  • Have you tried using firefox? At a client I use Firefox with liveconnect on MAC OSX 10.8.5

  • Yeah, i was using Firefox, latest version, but now i have upgraded to OSX 10.9, so that broke all LiveConnect. so the question is mute now...


  • Hey Macdsl,

    Chad  Gniffke (Product Manager at Kaseya) recently released this post on KLC support which mentions OSX 10.9, incase if you have not seen it -


    While it specifies some users have been able to get KLC functioning  on 10.9, I have not been able too as of yet.

    I will keep trying and if I find a temporary workaround I will let you know.



  • I had not, but Thanks!. I'll ask him if he knows who or how someone got a 10.9 Mac Kaseya to LiveConnect to a remote machine .