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Updating the Live Connect Event Viewer

  • Maybe this is in the manual somewhere. If it is, please for give me. But, I was looking at the event logs on a few machines via Live Connect and noticed that not all of them are up-to-date. For example, one machine's System log is current, but the same machine's System log is a week behind.

    Is there a possible reason for this? Is there any way to update a log on the fly?

  • Hi Bob, normally it should be updated automatically when you start live connect. Were all procedure's finished for that machine (in KLC under agent data) ?

  • Yes, that was my understanding as well.

    As for all procedures being finished, I can't say taht I've paid much attention to that, but I will from now on.

  • Checked it an hour later and the log was up-to-date.