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How monitor Hard disk on linux

  • I'm using KNM 5.0 and I have a problem with Linux

    Any HD appears on monitor of Disk Utilization 

    And how to write a SSH2 Script? 

    Someone have a tutorials or documentation for this?

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  • What Linux distribution and version are you running? If you have entered the correct SSH2 credentials, you should even have your disks as preconfigured monitors. Can you read other values, like CPU or memory utilization?

  • I need monitor for

    Debian 6

    Ubuntu 10.4

    Yes, I can

    I didn't have SSH2

    All Linux need this?

  • I could monitor via SSH2

    Thus: df-h | grep sda | awk '{print $ 5}' is not the BEST, but served way.

    If you have any tips on how to improve this code thank