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KNM and Cisco IOS Devices

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I'm having issues with getting some of my devices to be read by KNM.  Right now they are discovered, but the only monitor available is ping test.  I have been pulling my hair out with SNMP community string settings and I cannot get it to read.  The devices are on the same subnet, KNM has the right SNMP listed.  When i do a sh run on the Cisco device I see this for the SNMP:

snmp-server community string RW SNMP_ALLOWED.

The KNM server is in the same subnet that the SNMP_ALLOWED ACL is in.

I feel like I am missing something.  I've been RTFM'ing but nothing seems to be working.  Anyone else have insights or thoughts?

KNM 5, Cisco IOS 12.2

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  • You can try doing... snmp-server host <KNM Server IP> <community string>